Language Laboratory

This laboratory has been using computer both for student and teacher.
The functions in language lab and class management are fully controlled using software.


This type of laboratory is using micro-controller to control the functions of the language lab.
This type also has more complete and varied features.


This type is the most minimalist language laboratory. This type of laboratory is suitable for elementary school (SD) or schools that don’t have technical maintenance personnel for language lab.


Educational Software

Newest Products

Another product full of innovation from WinnerTech is software for mathematics and science with Pythagorass brand. Different from simply interactive brand that has been successfully sold and targeted for helping teacher in teaching mathematics and science, this software with Pythagorass brand is targeted for student self learning.

Buy our Mathematics and science CD (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) at

WinnerClass | Language Laboratory Software

This software has been used by a thousands of schools in Indonesia start from elementary schools up to top universities in Indonesia

software lab bahasa winnerclass

Interactive Whiteboard

Electronic Interactive Whiteboard is very suitable for teaching methods in schools or also can be used in company meeting room.

interactive whiteboard

Bansos E-Learning SD 2014

Bansos E-Learning SD 2014 package is for elementary schools with the amount 54 million rupiahs for each package also available at WinnerTech.

DAK 2014 lab bahasa

EduPlasa | Educational Tablet

Thousands of interactive content of school subjects, thousands of school book and set of the best educational applications can be downloaded in Android Tablet.

tablet edukasi eduplasa
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PT. WinnerTech Lintas Nusa

This company has been established since 2004, our expertises are language laboratory and educational software. We have been developing and selling many IT based educational products throughout Indonesia and few others countries.

With support from teams that have high dedication and skill in educational technology, we are always innovating and developing products from time to time.
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